Invalid Admin Token with double $$[solved]

After fighting with docker and caddy for two days straight without any solution for getting my own certificates up and running (Using my own certificates with caddy not working) I’ve given up on both, docker and caddy. I’ve found a way to use vaultwarden without docker (Installing Vaultwarden Without Docker – Bloovis) and followed the instructions as far as possible (no systemd but openrc, so the service setup was different). Everything works as expected until I need to log on to the vaultwarden admin page. If I use the generated string from

vaultwarden hash

and paste it into my .env File as is:

ADMIN_TOKEN='string from the program call above with single $'

then I get

Error: Invalid admin token, please try again.

If I alterate the string to put double $$ instead of the single $, vaultwarden is complaining about the wrong hash on startup:

[NOTICE] You are using a plain text `ADMIN_TOKEN` which is insecure.
Please generate a secure Argon2 PHC string by using `vaultwarden hash` or `argon2`.

but I can login on the admin page.
What am I supposed to do now? Use the proper argon2 string with single $ and not being able to log on to admin page? Or use a non proper string and live with the complains from vaultwarden?
just my 2 Cents: I rarely had a software package this stubborn like vaultwarden to set up. I don’t know why, but this is complicated AF for no reason.

OK. I got it working. Why the hell does the form state “enter admin token” when it does not expect the token, but the password the token was generated from? This is confusing af, but it fits the rest of the installation I guess… :confused:
So for all of you out there stumbling upon the same issue: insert the hash to the .env File and use the password you entered to vaultwarden hash on the webpage although the webpage is asking for the token.