Import from Team Password Manager

Hey guys!
We’re considering a migration from team password manager to vaultwarden.
Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be a custom import mode for TPM.

The export Scheme looks like this:

"Project name","Name","Access information","Username","E-mail","Password","Notes","Tags","Custom fields","Custom 1","Custom 2","Custom 3","Custom 4","Custom 5","Custom 6","Custom 7","Custom 8","Custom 9","Custom 10","Expiry date (mm-dd-yyyy)"
"My Special Project","My Special Password","https://www.domain.tld/admin/","Admin","","123secret","This is a good place for notes!","tag1,tag2,tag","custom field1:,ustom field2:","cf1value","cf2value","","","","","","","","","

Could this be made possible in any way, shape or form?

Thanks in advance,

Vaultwarden it self does not maintain the clients and thus these import conversions are not something done by this project.

You should be able however to try and convert it to either a csv or maybe a json format supported by Bitwarden. Or maybe TPM is able to convert/export it to an other format it self which is supported by Bitwarden?

Well, it is a CSV Export and unfortunately it only supports this one formatting.
I could maybe find an import that is similar to the TPM format and try it. Is there an overview of what is behind all the different CSV import types?

See Condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json | Bitwarden Help & Support