Implement Vault Timeout Policy

Hey everyone,

would it be possible to implement the Vault-Timeout Policy? Or would we face the same potential problem as with this Feature Request here?

That is as far as i know within the same policy.

Where can i read up on this? I would love to dive a bit deeper into this

I would start here: web/bitwarden_license at master · bitwarden/web · GitHub

Though, there could be someway around this. We can’t use the web-vault version with those policies to be able to easily editable by managers, admins or owners. It maybe is possible to still implement it within the backend-server and allow some way of editing it via the /admin interface maybe, but, i’m not sure if that is possible, not looked into it that deep my self.

It is possible to enable it via SQL but single organisation policy needs to be enabled as well.
This is the command I used in MySQL:

INSERT INTO org_policies (uuid, org_uuid, atype, enabled, data) VALUES ('random-uuid-here', 'org-uuid-here', '9', '1', '{"minutes":120}');

Hi, I also needed to configure an organization policy, could you please tell me what the atype parameter in your SQL query example is responsible for?

The atype corresponds to the OrgPolicyType:

See also upstream

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Thanks for the help, then the next question is if this functionality does not work, but a colleague above indicated that his query worked, is there no information if it will work for sure?

And is it possible to configure a storage timeout action with the exit parameter?

what should I put in the “data” field of the MaximumVaultTimeout = 9 if I do not want a time based lockout but for example these options:

INSERT INTO org_policies (uuid, org_uuid, atype, enabled, data) VALUES ('random-uuid-here', 'org-uuid-here', '9', '1', '{"?????":?????}');

Screenshot 2024-03-28 195027

  • On system idle
  • On system sleep
  • On system lock
  • On restart