I can't signup or sign into my self-hosted Bitwarden/Vaultwarden

I am attempting to set up Vaultwarden with the Helm chart by Gissilabs on Linode. I am receiving constant msgs about 2FA logins. I have setup Sendgrid for SMTP. I have also setup Yubico authentication with my client_id, client_secret. I have properly setup the ingress controller for Traefik as well as the necessary secrets/certs.

Here are some log messages:

│ [2023-04-18 16:56:30.036][response][INFO] (web_index) GET / => 200 OK                                                                  │
│ [2023-04-18 16:56:30.036][response][INFO] (web_index) GET / => 200 OK                                                                  │
│ [2023-04-18 16:56:31.556][vaultwarden::api::core::two_factor][DEBUG] Sending notifications for incomplete 2FA logins

The create account button keeps spinning. Then fails with a red message about CSS.

More logs:

[2023-04-18 17:18:02.575][vaultwarden::api::identity][ERROR] Please verify your email before trying again.. IP:  Username: ***.                                       │
[2023-04-18 17:18:02.575][response][INFO] (login) POST /identity/connect/token => 400 Bad Request

I am seeing, in inspect, a 524 error when looking at the register request.

The logs also mention something about a deregistering event source from poller:
[2023-04-18 18:37:50.608][mio::poll][TRACE] deregistering event source from poller