Github discussion or discourse, one or the other

Just wondering why there two discussion forums for this project. Seems like it should be one or the other. Having two means I need to check two places or that potential responders won’t see my post unless I double post.

Personally I much prefer discourse but github discussion is integrated with the repo. I have seen several projects abandon discourse and go with just github discussion.

Some people do not like Github, or the other way around.
Also, we used this before GitHub had discussions at all.

Well, here is a suggestion.

Use github discussion for only issue vetting and new feature request discussion. In other words, ask folks in the issue template to use discussion first and if it is legit then an issue can be made.

For everything else, ask folks (in the github discussion template) to use the discourse site.

If a project does have a github discussion and I think I have an issue, I like to run it by there first so as to not clutter up the issue tracker with “non-issues”. Issue tracking/management can be a time suck, and that’s not talking about actually addressing the issues with code changes(PRs).

In this way at least for me I would not use github discussion unless I had a code (bug) issue.

Github discussions are something different then issues in my opinion.
Discussions is an extension/extra item to keep stuff together.

You are free to use both, or just a single item.
The Github Discussions has multiple categories to select and post your questions, ideas etc…

If any, i would rather stop using Discourse and have everything located at Github, then using two different systems though. But for now, I think this is ok.