[FIXED] Server-mysql and server-postgresql aarch64 support in DockerHub

Thanks for great effort to provide docker image in Docker Hub.
There are aarch64 version (tag) can be used for server:aarch64 (sqlite version),
but I cannot get server-mysql:aarch64 and server-postgresql:aarch64 version.

Is there any chance to have this architecture support for these 2 images ?

Thanks a lot.

Yeah the aarch64 images are crosscompiled because docker hub doesn’t support building aarch64 images natively, and at the moment the postgresql and mysql client dependencies can’t be installed correctly in the crosscompile environment, so it’s not an easy issue to solve.

How about arm64/v8 ?
In general, aarch64 is same as arm64/v8.
There are many arm64/v8 images in Docker Hub, including MariaDB and PostgreSQL office images, they all provide arm64/v8 version.
Thanks for updating information.

Any possibility for checking about arm64/v8 support ?
Thanks a lot.

I just sent a PR for this. After some hard debugging and tracing i got it working for all current arm versions we build for sqlite already. The docker images will be multidb, so sqlite, postgresql and mysql will all be supported. First this PR needs to be merged, and after that it will take a while before the testing tagged docker images will be available.

New builds with the testing tag are available right now.
A new tagged version release will be available shortly.

You can find these releases here: https://hub.docker.com/r/bitwardenrs/server

I can pull the image in armv8 (aarch64) platform now, and the container works well.
Thanks for supporting this.