[FIXED] Please build multiarch images for server-postgresql

Please build server-postgresql multiarch images too. Until done, I am publishing my own images under https://hub.docker.com/r/rkojedzinszky/bitwardenrs-server-postgresql . I am building these on my bare-metals, without cross-compiling, and using docker/amd64/postgresql/Dockerfile for that. The file name is indeed confusing, as that file does not contain explicit commands for amd64, images can be built on different arch hosts using that file.


@rkojedzinszky, could you share your dockerfile/setup?
Maybe we can optimize our setup to include this.


I just sent a PR for this. After some hard debugging and tracing i got it working for all current arm versions we build for sqlite already. The docker images will be multidb, so sqlite, postgresql and mysql will all be supported. First this PR needs to be merged, and after that it will take a while before the testing tagged docker images will be available.


Sorry for late reply. I simply use bitwardenrs’ Dockerfile, but building on real hardware.


Ah, that explains it.
But i got it working using cross-compile :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining.

New builds with the testing tag are available right now.
A new tagged version release will be available shortly.

You can find these releases here: https://hub.docker.com/r/bitwardenrs/server


Thanks. Actually, I found that in many cases cross-compiling is complex, and as I own the hardware for the platforms I am interested in, I build them the other way. This works most of the time.

If the multiarch/multidb image is published, I will switch to that of course.

Keep up the good work, keep safe and healthy.