Docker - arm32v5 support


I’ve noticed there are Docker builds for several arm platforms:

  • armv6
  • armv7

That’s fantastic, but I have an old NAS powered by arm32v5 (armel) and I would like to self-host bitwarden_rs there (docker run hello-world works).

Are there any blockers for that? I am of course willing to spend time to investigate and contribute a pull request to make that happen.

Thanks for Bitwarden_rs!

If I’m correct there should be a rust-musl-cross version which supports armv5, which in turn should be able to compile a version for your system.

Only, you are I think the first who have ever asked this.
Also, it could very well be that the armv6 could work.
Have you tried that one already?

To force that version manually you could use bitwardenrs/server:latest-arm32v6

Else you need to build a new image using the correct platform.

Thanks for the help!

It looks like v6 and v5 are too different from an architecture perspective, as I can’t get a container running with that image (can’t even just get a shell), as the exit code Exited (132) tends to show.

$ docker run  -v /tmp/bitwarden_data/:/data/ -p 80:80  bitwardenrs/server:latest-arm32v6
$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
$ docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                        PORTS               NAMES
bed217090fae        bitwardenrs/server:latest-arm32v6   "/usr/bin/dumb-init …"   13 seconds ago      Exited (132) 9 seconds ago

I’ll have a look to what you’ve pointed out with the rust-musl-cross version.

As I am not a Docker expert it can take a while, but I’ll report back here if I manage to make it work in case it could help other people :slight_smile: