Authenticator Key (TOTP) toggle visibility option

I just recently tried BitwardenRS and I was wondering why Authenticator Key (TOTP) didn’t have a Toggle visibility option like Password Field. I tried checking the Wiki and found there is nothing about this.

When you are adding or editing an item in My Vault the Authenticator Key is visible and could be an issue if for security if say there is a malware that screen captures your display or someone is spying on you visually.

Hope you can include Toggle Visibility like on Password Field.

This is something that would be implemented in the Bitwarden clients, not the backend server. You can check whether this has already been requested at If not, submit a request there.

I see, but I was accessing My Vault from the domain not from the Bitwarden Client. Well either way I appreciate your input on this matter I will try and post about it in the link you mentioned.

I haven’t seen any sites or apps which hide the totp token as far as i can remember. Why would you want it masked?
It can only be used once.

You probably have a bigger issue that someone also had your password to get to the totp screen at all.

Well I also used other Password Managers, one example is KeePassXC and they have the TOTP hidden when you are viewing your login details. Just thought about it. also @BlackDex I am just assuming a user might get infected by a malware or spyware that captures his desktop and sends it out to a hacker/site online, its shouldn’t be that difficult to make the TOTP hidden same as the Password Field.

Ah, you mean when viewing the a password item.
That i can understand a bit.

But for that you have too indeed be with for this. We do not maintane the clients or web-vault client our selfs.

Oh I see, fair enough. I have already posted on’s forum so I can only hope they implement it.