Adding a User to a Self Hosted Instance

I have a self hosted VW instance running for my personal use and it works great.
Can I add another user to this instance? If so, could that user see my L/P’s? or only their own that they add for themself? Can I see their data? I suppose I could if I setup their account and had their credentials.
This is a new area to me. Is there good info on multiple users somewhere? Thanks

I’m not a VaultWarden expert but no-one else has replied, so I’ll tell you what I do / know.

You can add new users to VaultWarden. Each user is independent, their passwords are not shared unless that is set up deliberately. I do this by going into the administration interface, which is /admin on your domain. e.g.


You need the admin token to log in. I define this in my docker-compose file, but that could be install specific.

On the users page, at the bottom, enter the users email address in the “invite user” dialog box. You will have had to set up an SMTP server for this to work.

If you want to have some shared passwords you can go into your standard VaultWarden interface, Organization, Members, and choose “Invite User”. This might be the standard way to add users, I’m not sure. Once users are a member of the same organisation you can create shared folders so you can share passwords.

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Hey thanks Tom, appreciate the response.