Whitch data to Backup

Hi i’m using Duplicati to backup my data and I want to know which data I have to back up.
Do I have to backup the Key files in case of a data loss or is it enough to just backup the config.json and db.sqlite3 files

I noticed that the Admin page has a section on Database backup. Does anyone know whether it’s an adequate substitute for the steps in the “Backing-up-your-vault” document?

Tis is just making a copy of the database in the database folder. I personally use this to back up my file is basically the same but you can pick a folder. got to the topic Backup bitwarden_rs SQLite Database if you want more information about Backing up check out the wiki. On the wiki is a attachments folder described but i personally can not find it.

Thanks for your reply and the references. My configuration has /data in the Bitwarden container, so I’ll need to come up with an automated process for doing a .backup of the sqlite database inside the container and copying the rest of the files from /data. The links you provided should be helpful for developing it (if someone hasn’t already done that).

I do hope you have a volume connected to the container which is mounted at /data within the container. Else during a restart you will loose everything.

If that is the case, just backup that whole volume.

Thanks for your reply, BlackDex. The mount path for the volume is /var/lib/docker/volumes/Bitwarden/_data. The wiki page that folks in this thread are referencing doesn’t recommend just copying the db.sqlite3 file in data to a backup location while Bitwarden is active. I think that leaves me with a choice of either using the sqlite3 .backup command or stopping Bitwarden before doing a simple file copy.

Those are both the only ways to do it.
Same goes for MySQL or Postgres. You need to dump it using there tools, or fully stop those database and copy there directories.

In case anyone is curious, I chose to use GitHub - ttionya/BitwardenRS-Backup: Backup bitwarden_rs sqlite3 database by rclone. (Docker) for doing backups to Google Drive while Bitwarden is active.