What web server am I running?

Okay, this is a really stupid question. But how can I figure out what web server am I running?

Here’s my steps:
1: I set up a base Debian install. ran apt get update and apt get upgrade
2: Installed Docker Compose following https://docs.docker.com/engine/install/debian/#set-up-the-repository
3: Spun up the VaultWarden and Caddy dockers using Caddy with HTTP challenge

I can access the VaultWarden home page by navigating to the URL set in the docker-compose.yml, and it uses the A record I have set for the domain to access the VaultWarden I just spun up.

My question: What web server am I running on? I never set one up, but it somehow works.

Caddy is your reverse http webserver proxy.
So in the front there is caddy as your webserver.

And Vaultwarden is a webserver it self via a library named rocket.

So you actually setup two webservers.

Maybe it’s a good thing to read up upon the tools you install before you start them. They could be malicious maybe.