Vaultwarden v2.24.0 no style in the /admin panel

I tried to update from v2.23.1 to v2.24.0. After update i found out the admin page doesn’t show CSS style as you can see in the picture attached.

If I rollback to the previous version (simply switching images in the docker-compose file) everything works.
Any advice?

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Clear your cache for the site (Or all the browser cache)
Or try to fully reload with something like ctrl+shift+r

Thank for your help,
I tried to clear cache and open new sessions but the same problem in different browsers.

I think I found the origin of my problem.
My docker-compose uses a local directory vw-templates to customize emails. In the same folder was a directory vw-templates/admin. I think somenthing has changed in the admin file (e.g. some references to bwrs_static) and my local volume was overriding new updates.
Moved that folder away and the admin panel starts working again.

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