Vaultwarden 1.25.1 WARN in log

I have recently made an update to version 1.25.1
since then I have these log entries, I have no idea what they mean.

Can someone help me.

[2022-07-18 17:47:47.777][_][WARN] Request guard `AdminToken` is forwarding.
[2022-07-18 23:02:26.707][_][WARN] Remote left: channel closed.
[2022-07-19 18:29:31.454][_][WARN] Remote left: client disconnect before response started.

We enabled those loggings because some of those loggings could help during issues.
It looks like some of them are a bit verbose. But this actually means that something happened during the connection, and that the client closed the connection before the server (vaultwarden) was able to send it’s response back.

We may need to see if we only enable that when someone configures the log_level to debug or higher.
That should be enough i think.

So everything is fine? i can ignore these log entries.

Yes :slight_smile: everything is fine

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