Url Detection with extension

Hello everyone,

Each time i’m getting on an authentification page the extension is proposing me some credentials for others website.
I tried to configurate the match detection with base domain, host, or regular expression but no one seems to work correctly…
are those features not working ?
Someone could help me ?
Thanks a lot !

This seems more of a concern for the official Bitwarden forums as Vaultwarden is only a compatible backend server API for the frontend clients. Unless the entries show properly in the official cloud service, but not when pointed to your local Vaultwarden instance then it may just be a misconfiguration on the extension.

I’ve occasionally seen the types of issues you are describing within the app, but without more info on the related domains and possible subdomains that are showing “incorrectly” it would be hard to say.
If for instance it is a homelab scenario, I’ve gotten many times where multiple sub-domains will mach my base domain, i.e mydomain.tld will match for sub1.mydomain.tld and sub2.mydomain.tld