Send notifications to a Telegram bot

Hello there,

Since sending e-mails requires some significant prerequisites, would it be possible to add a feature to send notifications to a Telegram bot instead (while keeping both features) of sending e-mail notifications?

I hope this idea will be adopted!

In advance, thank you!

That will be a bit difficult. Sending Telegram notifications also needs some information, like bot-name, verification etc… etc…

Also, it would deviate a lot from upstream bitwarden, which we try to match as close as possible regarding features.

Sending Telegram notifications needs two things:

  • bot API key,
  • chat id.

But OK, never mind.

Well, we live in an opensource world, nobody is stopping you from developing it your self, create a PR and see if it gets merged.

I think we have other developing items laying which could have attention instead of adding a different e-mail interface which transfers it to telegram instead.

Telegram notifications would be nice to have, but compared to email, I don’t think any chat platform is universal enough to merit specific support in bitwarden_rs, especially considering there are not many people actively contributing code to the project.

A more generic solution like webhooks would probably make more sense for bitwarden_rs. That would make it possible to pass events to some other program (e.g., a bot server) that can ingest the webhook payload and take an appropriate action (e.g., have the bot send a message).