Rqlite database support

Wondering if there could be support for rqlite DB. It’s clustering for sqlite.

Not sure if a driver needs to be configured in bitwarden_rs codebase for it to work?

This would allow for me to use a lightweight distributed db for my small resourced bitwarden_rs implementation. Not looking for something beefy like postgres, as I run small 256-512mb nodes.

Probably not going to happen unless someone build this in into diesel-rs.

Going to use a totally separate infra besides diesel is not maintainable.

do you know of any lightweight clusterable db that would work with bitwarden_rs? postgres/maria are quite beefy for IoT devices and small cloud servers. I have reached out to the rqlite team to see if they can support diesel-rs as well. Love the idea of such a lightweight db cluster option to keep bitwarden_rs highly-available.