Option to ignore folders/logins for reporting purposes

I have a lot of IOT devices I use and build, plus cameras, etc. all around my home. They are all internal on an IOT network behind a firewall. I’m in the process of moving my LastPass account to a self hosted Vaultwarden and things are working really well. Part of this migration is to change all my LastPass passwords due to the previous security breaches. In total I have nearly 900 passwords. to go through.

I have all my IOT stuff in an IOT folder and not concerned about those passwords but I am concerned about the remaining. When I run the Duplicate Password, Weak Password, and Exposed Password reports, those IOT devices are showing up and I wish they wouldn’t. To make things worse, the names of these devices are their IP addresses 192.168.x.y so I’m constantly scrolling down to get to the real passwords.

It would be a blessing to be able to ignore these passwords for reporting. I still want to keep track of them and that’s why they are there. Any suggestions?

That is a fully client side feature.

Sounds like i nice feature though. But not something this project can provide.

Something like this should be brought up at the Bitwarden features forum.

Thank you for your reply. I tried creating a custom boolean “ignore” tag but it seems like I have to create this custom tag for every login which is way more work than just moving logins into a folder. Even so, I can’t seem to use that tag for reporting purposes. I did use your suggestion and made a similar post of the bitwarden community forum.