Initiating send deletion

I installed bitwarden_rs as described in this guide: Bitwarden_rs — UberLab 7 documentation

On an uberspace webspace.

It’s using the async branch.
The compilation works, but running the program will stop at “initiating send deletion”:

[user@host bitwarden_rs]$ cargo run --release --features sqlite
    Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 0.36s
     Running `target/release/bitwarden_rs`
|                       Starting Bitwarden_RS                        |
|                   Version 1.20.0-e0621f93 (HEAD)                   |
| This is an *unofficial* Bitwarden implementation, DO NOT use the   |
| official channels to report bugs/features, regardless of client.   |
| Send usage/configuration questions or feature requests to:         |
|                             |
| Report suspected bugs/issues in the software itself at:            |
|           |

[2021-04-14 15:17:02.926][bitwarden_rs::api::core::sends][INFO] Initiating send deletion

If I remove my .env, it complains that the web fault is missing. Then I set WEB_VAULT_ENABLED=false, and it’s the same as above.
If I remove the data directory, it complains about that, too.
It creates the database file etc. in the data director.

What can I do for troubleshooting?


The async branch is experimental and not widely tested or guaranteed to work at any given moment. There’s no official documentation anywhere that recommends using this branch.

For most users on x86-64, it would be simpler to just extract the necessary files from the official Alpine-based Docker image.

But if you really want to build from source, use the default branch (currently master).