Include sqlite3 in container-image


We run vaultwarden in kubernetes with /data being snapshoted every night.
However, this is the live db-files beeing snapshoted, and should preferably be a dump.
To ease with the dumping of the DB’s, it would be nice if sqlite3 was included in the official image. This would make it possible to run a scheduled job in k8s using the same image as vaultwarden itself.

Would including sqlite3 in the image be reasonable?

Alternatively, extend the functionality of the existing backup button in /admin, and make it possible to dump the sqlite3 db on a schedule.

You could also create a batch that calls the backup endpoint.
Or, use a sidecar which has a sqlite3 binary and is able to use the same volume.

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Alternatively, I added the install to the init script which runs on container startup:

Just mount a file at /etc/ with the contents of:
apt update && apt install sqlite3 -y

I did this for awhile until realizing I could run kubernetes cronjobs mounting the same volume.

edit: if you decide to go this route, you can view my deployment as an example here


I just saw that you are using kubernetes. You can take a look at my current deployment here:

This works because pod anti-affinity forces the cronjob to create the pod on the node that vaultwarden is running on. RWO PVCs are able to be mounted to another pod on the same node.