Diagnostics Page

on the Diagnostics i cant get the info anymore, which version is the server latest…


Currently v1.25.2

yes i know, but the pace dont work.



Server Installed
Server Latest Unknown

What do the other items tell you?
Looks like your system doesn’t have internet access.

but it have, when i make apt update && apt upgrade , it works

Wel the container could be having issues then. But again, there is much more on that diagnostics page then only the version. It should tell you if there is a internet connection or not.

I suggest to copy the support string which you can generate there and paste it here.

I have found the error, it does not work if I specify as DNS server the ip of Adguard, which runs on the server itself. But if I specify as the second DNS server, the page works again. What could be the reason for this?

AdGuard blocks the request or the container isn’t allowed to contact that system on that specific ip.

no, in the logs, are no block to see

on the linux system i have the nameserver from my adguard docker and i dont work.
when i changed it to it will work, but there is noch errro in adguard log.