Bitwarden Client - Failed to fetch

I have installed remote docker instance of BitwardenRS on a remote computer with vpn, ssh connection. When I am using browser app works correctly, when I am trying to connect with a Bitwarden client ( ) i receive Failed to fetch + ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID.

I am using self signed keys and certs as bellow:
openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout key.pem -out cert.pem -days 100 -nodes

In a client I indicate the same URL as I use in a browser.
Please help to configure it propertly in order to start using client.


Hello @phaladyj

We suggest to use a reverse-proxy for ssl-offloading, because reverse proxy are better in handling SSL.
Also checkout some of the updated/new wiki articles: (Especially the Check if certificate is valid part)'s-Encrypt-certs