Looking for Help

I had just tried setting up the pi to run this because I want to self host.
The docker container is running however I keep getting one of two errors when opening pi ip on port 8080 either the connection has refused to connect or took to long to respond does anyone know what’s going on here and how I could fix this?

Network issues could be a caused by a number of things but given the limited information you have provided I could only take a guess as to what is happening or how to fix this. Because “connection refused” sounds like you did not publish port 8080 on all interfaces or something like that and “took to long to respond” could be a firewall issue or some docker networking problem. Or possible something else depending on your environment (e.g. a pi specific issue).

For a better diagnosis we would need more information from you (e.g. what the exact errors are, in what context which error occurs, what command you have used to start the container, maybe the output of docker ps and what the docker logs are saying, etc.)

Also since you probably want to enable HTTPS at some point, so it might be also be a waste to spend too much time fixing this issue because it could be that setting up a reverse proxy fixes the problems you are facing right now (if for example you have not published the port on all interfaces).