2fa doesn't work because incorrect time

How can I fix this?, the 2fa does work on the official one, but not in the local one. If I disable and enable again (enable in local one) it doesn’t work for the official one.

The time seems to be fine to me. Both the browser and the server report the exact same time.
Remember that the time is shown in UTC so that may differ from you local time zone, although it looks like your server is on UTC as well.

All 2FA tokens are based upon UTC timestamps, so it could also be the client you are using is wrong. Check the the time on the client where you have get your 2FA from is in sync.

it works fine on https://vault.bitwarden.com/, but the selfhosted doesn’t, using the same client (and code).
If I disable 2fa, and then enable it again in the selfhosted it only works in selfhosted and not in vault.bitwarden.com

When self hosted, either the official Bitwarden or Vaultwarden will not sync between the official cloud service at vault.bitwarden.com

This stuck out to me, when you enable MFA in Bitwarden the webpage will provide you a unique QR code and seed secret when using TOTP. This should be set up and will generate a different code for each server.
i.e vault.bitwarden.com, bitwarden.example.com, vaultwarden.example.com

Each account will need to be set up with 2FA, each will require you to scan or enter a new QR code or seed to something like Authy or Google Authenticator app, and each will provide its own unique different 6 digit TOTP code.

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To be more precise, vaultwarden has no link with bitwarden at all. So no sync between what so ever.

Vaultwarden self hosted and bitwarden online hosted service are two different solutions.

So, mfa needs to be configured and used per product and can’t be mixed.

The first time I had to login with my bitwarden account and 2fa code, so the passwords get synced right? Or how else is that done?

And does this mean I can delete my bitwarden account, and just keep a local one?

Bitwarden.com and vault.bitwarden.com (both Bitwarden Inc.) have nothing to do with the self-hosted Vaultwarden except that it uses the same clients provided by Bitwarden (Bitwarden Inc.) and that we use the web-vault provided by Bitwarden.

If you have an account on vault.bitwarden.com you need to export your passwords and import them into a new account on your self-hosted vaultwarden.

There is no syncing done between vault.bitwarden.com and your self-hosted vaultwarden server.